Vintage Car Tour Paris Monuments

Vintage Car Tour Paris Monuments

Exploring Paris by vintage Citroen car is an adventure! There are so many places to discover, secrets spots and lovely streets! By day or by night, we’ll take you to the most iconic landmarks as an introduction to the city, and add less known, more local monuments! As we always customize our tours with you, every experience will be unique. However, it’s also good to know what you can expect from a vintage car Paris tour with us.

We created a list of places of places we generally include in our rides so you can have an idea of how your tour will be ( and a couple of useful hints so you don’t have to look on the internet for hours:-) ):

The Eiffel Tower

The most iconic monument of Paris. Opened in 1889, the lady proudly shows how ambitious the last century was in terms of architecture. Taking the elevator to the top in a once in a lifetime experience! We’ll take you there during the tour!

If you plan to visit it, we would recommend to book it in advance of the official website

Arc de Triomphe

An amazing monument built by the Emperor Napoleon during the 19th century, which saw most of the recent French history, from the French Empire to the Restoration and the Liberation of France after WW2

You can get tickets on their official website

The Louvre Museum

This museum is… wow! Definitely a must-go for all art and History lovers. Established in 1793, it has the largest art collection in the World, from the Joconde to the Venus of Milo and many other wonders!

You can purchase tickets on their official website

Grand Palais

Near the Champs-Elysees, the Grand Palais offers very unique art exhibitions, its construction started in 1897. In front of it, the Petit Palais also offers a free permanent exhibition with amazing masterpieces

If you wish to see their program, you can check it here


Montmartre is very special place! It has a wonderful panorama and the Sacre-Coeur Basilica is stunning. Painters of Place du Tertre, cobblestone streets and Place des Abbesses are waiting for you!

If you wish to visit the Basilica, the entrance is free but you can check their website here for the dome : Basilique du Sacre-Coeur official website

If you’re looking for a private walking tour of Montmartre, you can find some here :

The Pantheon of Paris

A very intriguing place with a giant pendulum created by Foucault proving the rotation of the Earth, but also the place where many historical French heroes are!

You can check their website here : Pantheon’s website

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